Privacy Support Services

This Data Privacy Request Portal is for use by residents of the United States to make certain privacy requests as allowed by applicable U.S. State data privacy laws

Please submit your request below concerning the company’s use of your personal information (PI). PI includes information that identifies, describes, or could reasonably be linked with a consumer or their household.

What you can request

Know or Access

You can request to know or access the PI that a business has collected about you.


You can request that a business delete PI collected about you. Please note that requesting deletion of your information may require you to resubmit your information or create a new account and may limit the company’s ability to perform its services.


You may appoint an authorized agent to make requests on your behalf.

Opt Out of Sale or Sharing of Information

You can request to opt out of the sale of your information.

Call Customer Care

If you prefer not to make your request online, you may also submit your request by contacting us at the phone number listed on the company’s Privacy Policy.

Requests Made Through This Portal

Please note that responses to the data privacy requests submitted are subject to requirements of applicable U.S. State data privacy laws. If not required by law the company may not have an affirmative obligation to respond to your request in a timely manner.